Lunch & dinner

From 12:00 pm to 10:00pm


Guacamole |  $145
Served with roasted panela cheese

Roasted Corn | $113
With chili Xcatic, chipotle mayonnaise, chili and lemon slices 

Fried Octopus Tacos (2pcs) | $145
Served with breaded mozzarella cheese, sour orange juice soaked carrots with BBQ sauce. 

Mayan Fish Tacos (2pcs) | $122
Marinated with axiote, served with purple onion and coriander. 

BatteredShrimp tacos (2pcs) | $145
Served with purple cabbage and coriander mayonnaise. 

Cochinita Pibil Tacos (2pcs) | $122
Pork marinated pibil style served with soaked onion.  

Octopus Carpaccio |  $212
Coriander mayonnaise, orange slices and seeds


Holbox Cream | $130
Potato and peppers cream with Xcatic pepper served with croutons au gratin Holland cheese. 

Lime Soup | $135
Grilled chicken, tortilla slices and lime wedges. 


Xec Salad | $95
Jicama, tangerine, orange wedges, chopped coriander and touches of sour orange 

Classic Caesar Salad | $122
With croutons and Holland cheese.  

Smoked Salmon Salad | $167
With roasted seeds, kiwi, green apple, lettuce, accompanied with yogurt and mint dressing. 

Cucumber salad | $194
Green apple, tomato slices, blueberry, seeds, lime and honey dressing with Xcatic chilli pepper 

Greek Salad |  $189
Tomato, cucumber, purple onion, feta cheese, with tzatziki dressing.

Marbella Salad | $295
Shrimp, octopus, squid, mussels, radish, pore ​​with lime and tangerine dressing and a touch of Cajun. 

Extra ingredients 

Shrimps |  $110

Chicken | $65

Salmon |  $110

Flank steak  | $129

Yucatecan chorizo | $80

Smoked Yucatecan chorizo | $80



From the sea

Grill catch of the day |  $270
Served with spinach, lemon essence, cream and hibiscus reduction with a touch of Xcatik chili pepper.

Grilled tuna | $290
Served with chipotle butter and Portobello mushroom marinated in roasted curries 

Grilled octopus | $342
With Zac col sauce, pickled onion and fresh coriander served with roasted sweet potato.  

Mixed grilled for (1 pax) | $ 605
Fish market, octopus, squid, and lobster 130 grs, served with grill vegetables 


From the Ranch

Cowboy (550gms) | $485
Served with baked potato and sour cream sauce 

Grilled Beef Gizzard |  $ 205
Accompanied by potato wedges and chimichurri sauce with fresh herbs

Smoked Yucatán Style pork | $190
Served with “xpelon” beens salad, “chiltomate” sauce, coriander fresh leaves and grilled sweet potatoes 

Grilled Flank Steak | $230
Served with fried local pumpkin, fresh leaves, and Holland cheese. 

New York | $350
Served with grilled eggplant topped with Parmesan cheese sauce 

Grilled Ribeye (12oz) | $350 
Served with potato wedges and mixed salad 

Grilled Picaña (12 oz) |  $420
Served with potato chips and mixed salad


Corn Flan with coffee sauce. $110

Brownie with mint ice cream $125

Ice cream (MINT OR VANILLA) $85

*** Prices in Mexican pesos, do not include gratuities (suggested 15%)