From 8:00 am to 11:30am

Good morning!

Seasonal fruit plate | $ 130
Served with cottage cheese and toasted nugget 

Apple cocktail |  $ 125
Accompanied by passion fruit honey and homemade granola

From the farm | $115
Scrambled eggs or Omelette with one ingredient 
Chaya /Longaniza of Valladolid / Yucatecan black sausage/Smoked sausage/Bacon

Rancheros eggs on fried tortilla with fresh cheese, cream and red sauce $110

Mexican style with a touch of Xcatik pepper $110

Vegetarian $ 105


YUCATAN | $120
Motuleño Style eggs, beans, red sauce, ham, peas, fried banana, cream and fresh cheese 

Bread stuffed with pork with axiote, purple onion and avocado

PUEBLA | $ 125
crepes filled with chicken stew served with poblano and corn sauce 

VERACRUZ |  $125
Tacos filled with egg, sausage, bean cream, coriander, radish and crunchy cheese

Egg roller | $145
Stuffed with smoked salmon, sauteed chaya cheese, hollandaise sauce and lime 

Vascos Eggs |  $ 125
Crashed eggs with pumpkin, onion, red sauce, fresh leaves and sausage

Greek scrambled eggs | $ 125
With goat cheese, cucumber, olives, dried tomatoes, feta cheese and garlic bread 

Benedict poached eggs | $ 125
on toasted bread dipped in hollandaise sauce 

Red or green sauce Chilaquiles | $ 115
Totopos with beans, fried onion, fresh cheese, cream, tomato, avocado and crashed egg 

Add to your chilaquiles:

*Flank Steak +$85

*Yucatecan black longaniza ​​ +$75

*Chicken +$55

*Smoked salmon +$80

Vegan tostadas (2 pcs) | $ 115
crunchy tortillas with tomato, smoked nugget, bleached holy leaf, fresh coriander leaves and tanned turnip 

Spinach tostadas (2 pcs) | $125
crunchy tortilla with ricotta cheese, avocado slices, poached eggs and tomato fricassee 

Hot cake served with banana, orange wedges and maple honey $ 95


Focaccia stuffed | $ 165
With fresh sealed tuna, cucumber, and fresh leaves dipped in orange dressing and pink pepper 

Panino stuffed | $ 165
With smoked salmon, fresh leaves, black olives, fresh tomatoes and yogurt dressing 

Mortadella sandwich | $165
With fresh leafs and basil mayonnaise 

*** All dishes are served with parsley sautéed potatoes

*** Prices in Mexican pesos, does not include tips suggested 15%